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On-Site Business Consults at the PPG Summit in Orlando

Been thinking about consulting with us but haven’t quite been ready to give it a try? Here’s the perfect opportunity—a rare in-person chance to sit down with a friendly dog*tec coach for help with your business or goals.

How does it work?

1. Sign up and choose your 30-minute spot. Cost is $75.
We’re keeping consults short to make sure you don’t miss any great PPG programming.

2. Fill out your pre-consult questionnaire.
Once you sign up, we’ll send you a pre-consult questionnaire. Getting this back to us before the summit allows you and your consultant to make the most of your time together there.

3. Enjoy some friendly support.
Set the first steps to starting your new business. Solve a pesky problem in your current business. Create a plan for raising your rates. Choose a marketing project to get more clients or students or woo a veterinary referral partner. In short, come away with concrete tips for whatever you most need help with.

4. Get a consulting package discount.
If you like the process and decide to sign up for more, you’ll receive a $50 discount for any consulting package you choose at the Summit.

Consult spots are limited—sign up for yours here!